Current Projects | Interactive Map

Below you will find our interactive map highlighting specific buildings or areas of campus where investments are currently occurring. More information can be found about some of these projects in our Featured Projects area.

The project costs presented align with the Study, Design, Construction and Recently Completed phases of the work. Design and Construction Management (DCM) clients interested in understanding how investments support their programs, can filter what the map shows by using the menu on the left. The stacked bar graph below the map indicates the current phase of spending on their projects. You can hover over the bar to see the client name.

  • How to use this tool
  • Click any circle, bar chart, or client (customer) name to filter project information. To remove any filters re-click the selection you have made to restore the information back to its original state or hit the reset button located in the bottom right-hand corner of the "Tableau" map area. (The reset button is third from the left. It looks like an arrow pointing at a vertical line.)
  • If you need further assistance
  • You may reach out to a Project Manager by selecting any project page and hovering over the project manager's name. Select 'send email' to contact the project manager directly.